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                ABOUT US
                CONTACT US

                Zhejiang Sheng Kai Electric Appliance Co., LTD
                Zhejiang wuyi Jiao road town industrial area Hu Zhai ridge 1

                Mob:17816056990 Mr Xie

                China merchants to join
                Home >> ABOUT US >> China merchants to join

                1, firmly believe that we are the common development, rather than simply to sell our products.
                2, healthy body, bears hardships and stands hard work, dedication to work.
                3, with strong management and communication skills.
                4, to accept the company business philosophy and service standards.
                5, willing to accept our management and supervision.
                6, is engaged in the industry more than a year, has a good industry reputation.
                7, has certain ability of investment.
                , headquarters and all its franchisees for enterprise alliance, only vertical business relationship, any franchisees civil and criminal liability, shall be borne by the independent, headquarters shall not be held jointly and severally liable.
                9, don't do damage in fixed number of year sales company corporate image.

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